Sam Smith Says Billie Eilish Has "Done A Beautiful Job" With Her Bond Theme

Smith won an Oscar for the previous theme song for 'Spectre'.

Sam Smith thinks Billie Eilish's 'No Time To Die' Bond theme as "really beautiful" and admitted they are glad she "kept it classic".

The 'How Do You Sleep?' hitmaker performed Oscar-winning 'Writing's On The Wall' for 2015's Spectre and admitted he was so excited to hear Eilish's song that he actually ended up listening to it whilst on the toilet.

Speaking on Capital Breakfast with Roman Kemp on Friday morning (Feb 14), the singer said: "It's so beautiful. I literally woke up like an hour and a bit ago and I was sitting on the toilet listening to it. It's so beautiful."

Smith also admitted that they put a lot of "pressure" on themselves to make sure their 007 theme lived up to standard.

He added: "I put a lot of pressure on myself and I didn't realise how people really have in their head what a Bond song is so you're never gonna please everyone but she's done such a beautiful job and she's kept it classic which I'm so happy about.

"Yeah I'm really impressed I think it's amazing. Everything she does I think is amazing."

Smith joins Justin Bieber in congratulating Billie on 'No Time To Die' — which she is set to perform live at the BRIT Awards next week with her brother Finneas, composer Hans Zimmer and guitarist Johnny Marr.

The 'Yummy' hitmaker — who was Eilish's idol growing up and became friends with the singer after meeting at Coachella last year — took to his Instagram Stories to praise the 18-year-old singer for the major career feat.

Alongside the artwork for the track, Bieber simply wrote: "Proud of you @billieeilish."

The 'bad guy' hitmaker was named earlier this year as the artist to have bagged the coveted track, which will accompany the opening credits of the upcoming 007 film, set to be released in April.

Eilish is the youngest musician ever to write and record the theme song for a Bond movie.

'No Time To Die' incorporates the traditional 007 theme, and sees Zimmer provide the orchestral arrangements, with former Smiths star Marr on guitar.

Eilish recently admitted she has achieved a "life goal" by getting to sing the 007 theme.

She said: "It's crazy, dude. It's a life goal, for sure." — BANG

No Time to Die opens in cinemas Apr 9. 


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