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Sacha Baron Cohen Tried To Prank Rudy Giuliani In Fake Interview

But the former Mayor of New York saw through the disguise and called the cops on him.

Sacha Baron Cohen Tried To Prank Rudy Giuliani In Fake Interview

Rudy Giuliani called the police after Sacha Baron Cohen tried to prank him.

The 76-year-old former Mayor of New York City and personal attorney of President Donald Trump has revealed he called NYPD when the comedian — who was wearing a spangly pink bikini at the time — interrupted a spoof interview at The Mark Hotel in the Big Apple on Tuesday (July 7).

Giuliani said: "This guy comes running in, wearing a crazy ... what I would say was a pink transgender outfit.

"It was a pink bikini, with lace, underneath a translucent mesh top, it looked absurd. He had the beard, bare legs, and wasn't what I would call distractingly attractive."

Giuliani didn't immediately recognise that it was the Borat star. But the comedian decided to flee the scene as soon as he called the police.

He told the New York Post newspaper's Page Six column: "This person comes in yelling and screaming, and I thought this must be a scam or a shake-down, so I reported it to the police. He then ran away."

Giuliani felt quite proud of himself because he wasn't tricked by Cohen.

He said: "I only later realised it must have been Sacha Baron Cohen. I thought about all the people he previously fooled and I felt good about myself because he didn't get me."

And despite the surreal incident, Giuliani has admitted to being a fan of the comedian. Giuliani, who was New York City's Mayor from 1994 to 2001, shared: "I am a fan of some of his movies, Borat in particular, because I've been to Kazakhstan.

"[Adopting a Borat accent] 'She is my sister. She is number four prostitute in all of Kazakhstan.' That was pretty funny."

The Giuliani incident would be the second prank Cohen pulled in less than two weeks. The first one happened at a March for Our Rights event in Olympia, Washington, where he crashed a far-right rally and duped attendees with a racist singalong.

These stunts led to speculation that the comedian is making a second season of his Emmy-nominated political satire show Who is America? — BANG

Photos: TPG News/Click Photos

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