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Ryan Reynolds Watched Green Lantern For The First Time And Live-Tweeted it

He got through it with a little liquid courage.

Ryan Reynolds Watched Green Lantern For The First Time And Live-Tweeted it

Ryan Reynolds has finally seen his superhero movie Green Lantern — 10 years after its release.

It’s no secret that Reynolds, 44, hated the Martin Campbell-directed movie, which was a hit with neither fans nor critics.

“Let’s call a spade a spade,” he once said during the Deadpool press tour in 2016. “That was a challenging movie to make because the studio said, ‘We have a poster and we have a star, we don’t have a script, but let’s start shooting [anyway].’”

Reynold’s disdain was so strong that he even threw in a scene in the end credits of Deadpool 2 showing the Merc with the Mouth travelling back in time to murder Reynolds as he read the Green Lantern script.

But on Wednesday (Mar 17), to mark St Patrick’s Day as well as the release of Zack Snyder’s Justice League, Reynolds decided to give Green Lantern a chance — by live-tweeting himself watching the movie.

But he had some help from Aviation Gin, which is produced by the liquor company he owns.

“Excited to see the Snyder Cut,” he wrote. “But ahead of its debut — and with the aid of a good amount of #AviationGin — tonight at 6pm EST I’ll do something I’ve never done: actually watch Green Lantern. Happy #StPatricksDay”.He even added a recipe for Lantern’s Light, a drink specifically concocted for the movie.

During the live-tweet, Reynolds had a blast poking fun at the movie. "I only ever read my parts of the script so this is genuinely exciting for me to watch", he quipped.

He took a swipe at the movie’s superhero tropes, tweeting, "Oh boy. Tragic childhood flashback sequence killing a beloved parent. Designed to instill a level of depth and hard fought empathy for our hero. Disney perfected this move."

He also gave a shout-out to his co-star and now wife Blake Lively, by posting a picture of a scene between him and Lively, joking that it actually foreshadowed their dynamic as parents.
All kidding aside, Reynolds said he was proud to be part of an A-list ensemble which included Angela Bassett, Mark Strong, Peter Sarsgaard.“There’s a lot of heavy hitters in the movie,” he wrote. “Not always used in the right way... but still... heavy hitters.”
In the end, sitting through Green Lantern wasn’t as painful as Reynolds. thought it would be. "Maybe it's the Aviation Gin talking, but #GreenLantern was nothing to fear," he said. “Hundreds of incredible crew and cast members did amazing work — and while it's not perfect, it ain't a tragedy. Next time I won't wait a decade to watch."

​​​​​​​Now, let's drink to that.

Photos: TPG News/Click Photos

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