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Ryan Reynolds Trolls Hugh Jackman's New Coffee Commercial

The Reynolds-Jackman friendly feud continues...

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Ryan Reynolds Trolls Hugh Jackman's New Coffee Commercial

Frenemies Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman are at each other’s throat — in the nicest possible way. Again.

In the latest chapter of their long-running faux feud, Jackman recruited Reynolds to narrate — and poke fun at — his ad for The Laughing Man, the coffee company Jackman co-founded in 2011.

The Wolverine actor contributes 100 per cent of his profits to The Laughing Man Foundation, which helps to fund “educational programs, community development and social entrepreneurs around the world”.

The one-minute promo has Ryan narrating a horrible day in the life of Hugh Jackman. Apparently, if Jackman doesn't have his coffee fix, he can be a real jerk. “An honest glimpse into a day in my life,” Jackman wrote on Twitter where he shared the commercial. Maybe a little bit too honest.

Check out the hilarious ad here:

The fun doesn't end there. Shortly after the ad debuted, Reynolds tweeted, “You sleep with the wig on?”

Last week, Reynolds starred in an ad for Mint Mobile, the low-cost mobile carrier of which he is an owner. The commercial also features Rick Moranis, making his first on-screen appearance in 23 years.

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