Russell Brand Devastated After His Dog Mauls Wallaby

The comic and actor's German Shepherd caught a wallaby while it had its baby in its pouch.

Russell Brand is devastated after his dog mauled a wallaby.

The 46-year-old comedian was walking his German Shepherd called Bear near his home in Henley-on-Thames when the dog attacked and killed the marsupial, although Russell managed to save the joey in its pouch.

A source told The Sun newspaper: "Absolutely no one is blaming Russell or his dog — it’s just a horrible accident. In fact Russell was the hero because he managed to save the little joey. It could have been far worse if he hadn’t stepped in so quickly.

"He is a very caring man with animals — he has plenty of pets and they’re all his babies. I understand he’s devastated over what happened. It’s really sad."

​​​​​​​Russell is an animal rights activist and previously revealed he hasn’t eaten meat since he was 14 before going completely vegan after watching the 2017 documentary What The Health.

During his Recovery Live Tour 2020, he said: "I was vegetarian from when I was a little kid. [From 14-years-old,] because of The Smiths. And because of like, ‘Oh, what? they do what in factory farms’ Y’know like, it was too brutal.

"[What The Health shows] how diabetes, heart, and cancer foundation of America were funded by sort of meat and dairy and egg industries. And, like, they give the advice on what foods are healthy … we’re not meant to eat any of that.

"So, the reason to become vegan, it was sort of anger actually, thinking about it now."— BANG SHOWBIZ


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