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Rose McGowan Thinks She Is "Too Old" To Use Tinder

Rose McGowan doesn't believe the dating app is the right platform find love.

Rose McGowan Thinks She Is "Too Old" To Use Tinder

Rose McGowan feels "too old" for Tinder.

The 47-year-old actress was impressed with how much success her aunt has had using the dating app, but though her relative is 20 years older than her, the Charmed star doesn't think it's the right platform for her to use.

Speaking to hosts Gizzi Erskine and Sydney Lima on the Spotify Originals podcast Sex, Lies & DM Slides, she said: "My aunt, who is 67 and gorgeous, is on Tinder. We went to Italy for two days and she had 73 responses. I was like what in the actual hell! She had a boyfriend for a year from there and now she has another one from there but I personally feel like I’m too old for it.”

Rose also admitted she was shocked to recently receive a "d*** pic" from a man but admitted she doesn't get much unsolicited attention these days because of her outspoken activism around the #MeToo movement.

She exclaimed: "I got a d*** pic the other day! And I’m like me?! Oh boy, you’re playing with fire. I think I’d be the last person I’d send a d*** pic too. You’ve got some belief in that d***.

"I don’t get that many anymore since you know, being outspoken."

Rose isn't alone in receiving the photos as research commissioned by the podcast showed nearly three quarters of women have received unsolicited messages from people they didn't know on social media.

The study — which surveyed 2,000 female social media users aged between 21 and 40 — also found 66% of women believe social media has subjected them to a new era of objectification.

Just over half — 51% - admitted sites such as Instagram and Twitter has made them feel more forward, with 60% using social media to instigate a romantic relationship and 41% having used direct messaging as a tool for 'sexting'. — BANG

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