Ronan Keating Thinks It's Time For Vasectomy After Fathering 5 Children

Ronan Keating has revealed he wants to get the snip following the birth of his fifth child in March.

Ronan Keating thinks "it's time" he had a vasectomy.

The 43-year-old singer became a father for the fifth time in March when wife Storm gave birth to their daughter Coco and the model has urged him to undergo the medical procedure to stop them having any more children.

Ronan — who also has three-year-old Cooper with Storm, and Jack, 21, Missy, 19, and 15-year-old Ali with ex-wife Yvonne Connolly — told Good Morning Britain: "It's a funny conversation because I was going about my day and Storm said "I think it's probably about time you got the snip now" and I was like what?!

"Storm said 'It's time" and I said, 'Hmm I guess it is, yeah sure.'

"You know, five beautiful healthy children, I think it is time, I do."

Meanwhile, the 'Life Is A Rollercoaster' hitmaker previously revealed he turns to this therapist when he feels stressed.

He said: “I get help whenever I am feeling fragile, if I need to lean on somebody.

“My wife can tell if I am overstressed, working too hard, things are getting on my back or maybe it’s a certain date that reminds me of something that’s happened, someone who has passed away.

“I talk to my therapist Dan. I will say to Storm, ‘Do you think it’s time to speak to Dan?’

“Storm and I can have conversations … He speaks to maybe 20 other people every day so I am another person.

“He gives me tools and I can take those home and maybe be a better person.”

And the former Boyzone frontman urged other men of his generation to open up about their mental health difficulties.

He said: It’s easy to just ignore it and move away from it. Live your own life. But it’s there in black and white.

“And our generation, we can be at the forefront and make the change and not be scared to speak about it.

“We have young kids in our household and to be able to be more open about it and be able to tell your kids you love them.

“My parents, my dad in particular, he came from a generation where he found it hard to say he loved us and put his arm around us.

“But we have very much changed. Please God, today we can be big enough to be able to speak about it in the household.”

Ronan is slated to perform at Mediacorp's year-end countdown show Let's Celebrate 2021 on Dec 31. — BANG


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