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Rod Stewart Got “Bored Of Sex” Because “Sex Was Always There For Me”

The "hedonistic era" of the 1970s was a great time for Rod Stewart.

Rod Stewart Got “Bored Of Sex” Because “Sex Was Always There For Me”

Rod Stewart got "bored" of sex.

The 'Maggie May' hitmaker — who has eight children, including two with his third and current wife Penny Lancaster-Stewart — loved the "hedonistic" 1970s but admitted sex eventually became "boring" and he was more interested in finding lasting love.

He told The Daily Telegraph: "The 1970s were great. It was a hedonistic era. The s******* era!

“I did nothing wrong at all. I never had sex with anybody underage, never forced anybody to have sex. In fact, sex was always too much for me, it was always there, and it became boring.

"There were a lot of beautiful women, but we had nothing to say at the end of the evening. I would long for one woman in my life, I longed to be in a romance, a relationship that was a lot deeper than just sex. And I found it.”

And the 76-year-old star admitted his libido is "not quite what it used to be".

Discussing songs on his new album Tears of Hercules, out next Friday (Nov 12), and their raunchy lyrics, he said: “I am unembarrassed and unashamed. I’m just reminding everybody that sex should be fun. I’ve always sung about it. Always. Somebody has to do this job, and I’ve done it!”

And on his libido now, he added: “Well, it’s not quite what it used to be. But I really love women. I loved Marilyn Monroe when I was eight years old. I used to clip pictures of her out of the newspaper. It’s just the way I’m put together.”

While the new track 'One More Time' is about having sex with an ex, Rod insisted it's not something he's ever done — though he has been "tempted".

He said: “I’ve never done it. I really have never tried it on. When I’m finished with a woman, that’s it, finished. I’m pretty good like that. But we’ve all been tempted.”

And these days, Rod "wouldn't dare" flirt with anyone else.

He said: “I’m madly in love. These days, I don’t flirt with anybody at all. I wouldn’t dare! I mean, I don’t want to!”


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