Robert Pattinson Eats "Like A Wild Animal" During Lockdown

He also has a great idea for a fast food pasta dish called Piccolini Cuscino.

Robert Pattinson has been eating food straight from the can in lockdown.

The 33-year-old British actor has opened up about his less-than-appetising eating habits and admits he has lowered his culinary standards during the coronavirus quarantine and devours his cold meals like a "wild animal".

Pattinson admits his meals of convenience come from the fact he's not a great cook due to all his dishes being served to him when he's working on film sets.

Speaking to the June/July issue of GQ magazine — of which he is also the cover star — he confessed: "Like, I eat out of cans and stuff. I'll literally put Tabasco inside a tuna can and just eat it out of the can ... it is weird, but my preferences are ... just sort of eat like a wild animal. Like, out of a trash can."

Pattinson — whose next movie, Christopher Nolan's Tenet, opens here July 16 — has been using his free time in lockdown to try and learn how to cook as long as he can rely on his microwave and other shortcuts. He explained: "Yesterday I was just Googling, I was going on YouTube to see how to microwave pasta.

​​​​​​​"Put it in a bowl and microwave it. That is how to microwave pasta. And also it really, really isn't a thing. It's really actually quite revolting. But I mean, who would have thought that it actually makes it taste disgusting?"

Despite his pasta disaster, Pattinson previously had a business idea to create a ready meal named Piccolini Cuscino — which means Little Pillow — and involves cheese, sugar, cornflakes, penne pasta (microwaved), a bun, a lighter, and tin foil in the microwave.

He made a prototype of the meal and met with restaurateur Lele Massimini with the ambition to launch it in stores. He shared: "I was trying to think, How do you make a pasta which you can hold in your hand? Maybe if I say it in GQ, maybe, like, a partner will just come along."

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