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Robert Downey Jr Promises Special Birthday Present To Boy Who Saved Sister From Dog Attack

Tom Holland, too, has something in store for six-year-old Bridger Walker.

Robert Downey Jr Promises Special Birthday Present To Boy Who Saved Sister From Dog Attack

It looks like The Avengers are sending more gifts to Bridger Walker, the six-year-old boy who saved his younger sister from an attacking dog on July 9.

After Bridger’s aunt, Nicole Noel Walker, shared her nephew’s heroic act on Instagram, Chris Evans, who plays Captain America, responded by promising to send Bridger — who suffered head injuries that required 90 stitches — an authentic shield used by the Marvel superhero.

Not to be outdone by Evans, Robert Downey Jr and Tom Holland — who play Iron Man and Spider-Man, respectively in the Marvel movies — have also prepared some gifts for Bridger.

In a video message to Bridger, Downey Jr, 55, said, “Bridger, you’re a rock star... I hear [Captain America] sent a shield your way. I’m going to do one better, you call me on your next birthday. I’ve got something special for you.”

He added, “By the way, that’s a promise and promise beats a shield.”

In another video, Holland is heard on a video call with Bridger, who was dressed up in a Spider-Man outfit. “I want to say you are so brave, mate,” Holland said. “We are all so proud of you, and your little sister is so lucky to have someone like you.”

Holland, 24, also invited Bridger to visit the set of the next Spider-Man film. “We’re going to be shooting Spider-Man 3 and if you ever want to come to set and hang out and see the Spider-Man suit up close, you’re always welcome.”

Holland recently shared on social media that he has finished filming the video-game adaptation Uncharted and will soon start work on the yet-to-be titled Spider-Man threequel, which is slated to be released in Nov 2021.

Photo: TPG News/Click Photos

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