Robert De Niro has accused his former assistant of using a company credit card to buy her groceries and pay her dry cleaning and dog sitting bills.

The  Irishman actor is seeking US$6 million (S$8.13 mil) in damages from ex-employee Graham Chase Robinson for allegedly misusing a company credit account to fund luxury hotel rooms and lavish meals that had nothing to do with work, and has also accused her of taking 7 million of his frequent flyer miles worth US$300,000.

In newly-filed court documents, the 78-year-old actor has included a 2019 letter from his lawyer to his ex-employee — who worked her way up from his personal assistant to Vice President of Production and Finance at the Raging Bull star's production company Canal Productions before she resigned — which detailed what he believed she bought with the credit card.

According to, the lawyer wrote: “I was asked to respond to your recent e-mails addressed to Bob. Please note that Bob does not wish to communicate with you. As such, please direct correspondence regarding this matter to me."

The letter went on to accuse Robinson of going on a four-year spending spree and using the company credit card to buy food, Uber trips, dog sitting, groceries, cameras,

iPhones, Pilates classes, dry-cleaning, and flowers, and also alleged she had “helped” herself to petty cash.

The former staff member was also accused of having converted over 7 million Delta SkyMiles over a two-year period, using three million for personal travel and transferring an additional 4.5 million to a personal account.

The letter also claimed Robinson improperly used Canal's credit cards to buy taxis and cover her food costs while on vacation in London, and alleged she charged $2,600 for a stay at the Montage Hotel on a trip to Los Angeles, as well as $156 for dinner at Nobu, $604 on a second meal at the upmarket eatery, $729 on a rental car and several hundred dollars more on cabs, despite having the rented vehicle at her disposal.

Robinson has denied she improperly used the credit cards and calls into question whether she made all the purchases mentioned.

She is also suing her former employer for US$12 million, accusing him of gender discrimination.

In her own court documents, she alleged the Meet the Fockers star forced her to endure a toxic workplace where he branded her a "b****" and spoke to her in a “hostile, abusive and intimidating manner.”

Both suits are ongoing.  — BANG SHOWBIZ

Photo: TPG News/Click Photos