In Reminiscence, the sci-fi thriller opening in Singapore cinemas this week, Hugh Jackman plays a guy with a lot on his mind. And I mean, a lot.

The Wolverine star, 52, plays Nick Bannister, a war veteran-turned-private eye who specialises in recovering lost memories. (So being mindful is an occupational hazard.)

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Set adrift on memory bliss: Hugh Jackman and Thandie Newton have a lot on their mind. 

The movie — the directorial debut of Westworld co-creator Lisa Joy, who also wrote the script — is set in a too-too-distant future where everything has gone kaput (rising sea levels, wars, overpopulation).

Life is so bleak that “there wasn’t a lot to look forward to, so people began looking back,” says Bannister. And this is where his expertise comes in: using a device called the ‘reminiscence tank’, he can help clients revisit specific memories and play back them in 3D and (presumably) surround sound over and over.

What’s a hard-boiled gumshoe without a femme fatale to upend his life? When his lover, nightclub singer Mae (Rebecca Ferguson), vanishes without a trace, Bannister embarks on an obsessive search for her, starting in his head — where all the clues lie.

Speaking to via Zoom from New York, Jackman hopes that when audiences will be memserised by Reminiscence just as it did when he first read the script (or the first few pages of it).  

“It’s incredibly original,” said Jackman of the movie, which also stars Thandie Newton (Westworld), Cliff Curtis (Fear the Walking Dead) and Marina de Tavira (Roma).

“You will not know where this movie is going, plot-wise, so just go along for the ride,” he continues. “I think it’s a movie that defies genre. It’s got a little bit of everything but it will make you think for two to three days after. You’ll ponder on it as you reminisce about it — it would stay with you.”

Elsewhere, Daniel Wu, 46, jumped at the chance at playing Saint Joe, one of the nefarious figures Bannister crosses paths with. Even though he’s a gangster, he’s “a richly layered” character.

“He’s a bad guy but at the same time I want to make him extremely attractive and sexy and alluring to the audience in some ways that Americans have never seen before,” Wu said in a separate Zoom session, from somewhere in California. “We talk about how the Asian-American males are emasculated on American screen, right? I got to do the opposite of that.”

To learn more about Reminiscence, watch our interview with Hugh Jackman and Daniel Wu:

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