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Ralph Fiennes Delighted To See The King's Man Released In Cinemas

The prequel to the 'Kingsman' movies was postponed several times by the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Ralph Fiennes Delighted To See The King's Man Released In Cinemas

Ralph Fiennes was delighted that director Matthew Vaughn waited to release The King's Man in the cinemas.

The 58-year-old Schindler's List actor stars in the new movie — which serves as a prequel to the Kingsman films — and was glad that the director resisted the temptation to release the flick on a streaming service as he wanted audiences to have the "cinema experience".

Speaking at the world premiere of the movie in London on Monday (Dec 6), Ralph said: "Matthew Vaughn was always passionate about the film having a cinema opening. He is a believer, as am I, that the cinema experience should not be lost in our world of streaming."

The King's Man — which also stars Harris Dickinson, Gemma Arterton and Djimon Hounsou — was originally set to be released in November 2019 but was pushed back to February 2020. Then COVID-19 happened, forcing the studio to postpone it to August 2021, before finally settling for this month.

Ralph is an executive producer on the prequel and admits that he jumped at the chance to join the franchise as he was a fan of the previous Kingsman movies as well as Matthew's approach to directing.

The Harry Potter star said: "The director sent me the script in the normal way, 'Do you want to do this?'. I read it and liked it very much. I liked the previous Kingman films and Matthew is a rare director with his unique voice."

Ralph portrays the Duke of Oxford in the new blockbuster and explained how his character is against World War I in the film, which is set during the early 1900s.

Ralph explained: "I play The Duke of Oxford. He's a pacifist and has suffered in his life with the death of his wife and some horrendous war experiences which have left him very anti-war and he is keen to protect his son from conflict."

He also hinted that audiences can expect a blend of action and drama in the new movie, which will be released later this month.

Asked what's in store for fans, Ralph said: "They can expect a great Kingsman film with lots of high-profile, high-velocity action sequences. A moving family drama and an interesting departure set in a historical time with real historical figures."

The King's Man opens in Singapore cinemas on Dec 30.


Photo: TPG News/Click Photos

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