Parasite Surpasses $1 Million At S’pore Box-Office

It’s the third highest-grossing South Korean movie here.

Parasite’s historic Oscar win has propelled the South Korean film into the million-dollar club.

In its first weekend (Feb 13-16) after winning four Oscars — including Best Picture — Bong Joon-Ho's M18 thriller came in at No. 2, trailing Harley Quinn: Birds of Prey, earning $270,000. 

As of Feb 16, its total gross is $1.13 million, making it the third-highest grossing South Korean film in Singapore. Bong has another entry in the Top 10 South Korean movies list: the 2006 monster pic The Host. (See the list below.)   

Parasite has been in cinemas here for 33 straight weeks since its June 29 premiere. It's now showing in two versions — the regular colour edition and a special black-and-white cut (showing at GV Funan, Cathay Orchard and The Projector). Golden Village, which co-distributes the movie with Clover Films, didn’t say how much of the weekend collection came from the B&W screenings.

In the US, Parasite saw a spike in box-office earnings: it brought in US$5.5 million (S$7.6 mil) over the weekend, a 234 per cent increase in ticket sales and the biggest post-Oscar boost for a Best Picture winner in the past decade, according to Variety.

To date, Parasite’s US earnings stand at US$44 million. Outside the US, Parasite took home US$12.7 million over weekend, bringing the total haul to US$161 million. The movie reportedly cost US$11 million to produce.

Here are the Top 10 South Korean movies in Singapore:

1/ Train to Busan (2016) — $5.35 million

2/ The Battleship Island (2017) — $1.5 million

3/ Parasite (2019) — $1.13 million

4/ Along with the Gods: The Two Worlds (2018) — $1.12 million

5/ Along with the Gods: The Last 49 Days (2018) — $1.05 million

6/ 200 Pounds Beauty (2007) — $978,200

7/ Ashfall (2020) — $920,000

8/ Wishing Stairs (2003) — $839,500

9/ The Host (2006) — $685,700

10/ Brotherhood (2004) — $585,300

Box office figures provided by Golden Village; not adjusted for inflation.


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