Pamela Anderson Is Dating Her Bodyguard: "They've Been Together For The Entire Pandemic"

Pamela Anderson is reportedly dating her bodyguard of two years after her 12-day marriage to producer Jon Peters ended.

Pamela Anderson is reportedly dating her bodyguard.

The 53-year-old actress and model — who split from Hollywood producer Jon Peters a matter of days after they tied the knot earlier this year — is said to have been dating security guard Dan Hayhurst for a "while" now.

A source told People magazine: "They've been together for a while and she's very happy. They've been together for the entire pandemic. She's super happy and he's helping her fix up her home on Vancouver Island."

According to Pagesix, sources said, "[Dan] is in his 40s. A real man, finally. He knows how to handle her. It's very cool to see. She's completely comfortable, and they're never out of each other's sight."

It's said that Pamela is Dan's first celebrity client, and insiders believe this makes the romance even better for her. "He's not a Hollywood insider,' they said. "That's perfect for Pamela."

Meanwhile, Pamela previously revealed she's keen to tie the knot again.

Asked if she wanted to get married again, she shared: "Absolutely! Just one more time. Just one more time, please. One more time only. Only!"

The Baywatch star is "happy" with how her romantic life has gone, and insisted she has only been married three times — not five as many think.

Speaking about her previous marriages, she added: "Thank God it happened the way it happened, and I'm here and I'm happy.

"I've been married three times. People think I've been married five times. I don't know why. I've been married three times. I've been married to Tommy Lee, I've been married to Bob Ritchie [Kid Rock] and to Rick Solomon. And that is it. Three marriages. I know that's a lot, but it's less than five."

Pamela had also opened up about her split from Jon Peters, who she tied the knot with on January 20 and broke it off just 12 days later, as she insisted they never actually married and was never "physical".

She said: "I wasn't married. No. I'm a romantic. I think I'm an easy target. And I think people just live in fear. I don't know what all that was about, but I think fear really played a lot into it ... It was just kind of a little moment. A moment that came and went, but there was no wedding, there was no marriage, there was no anything. It's like it never even happened. That sounds bizarre, but that's it."  — BANG 

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