Octavia Spencer Cried When Keanu Reeves Wished Her A Happy Birthday

The Oscar-winning Octavia Spencer turned 50 back in May.

Octavia Spencer “cried” when Keanu Reeves wished her a happy birthday.

The 50-year-old actress reached her milestone birthday in May, but didn’t get to spend her special day how she had planned with multiple dinners and a retreat to Hawaii because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Instead, Octavia received special, star-studded tribute videos from close friends and past co-stars, including one message from Keanu Reeves which moved her to tears because she was so “surprised”.

She recalled during an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live!: "Chris Evans is a dear friend. Katy Perry is a dear friend. Then Keanu Reeves, you know like, surprised me. Of course I started crying like a baby, like, ‘Keanu!' It was so fabulous. He's somebody I like and my friends know that and it was like the sweetest thing." 

The Hidden Figures star previously revealed Keanu was one of the first people she met when she moved from Alabama to Los Angeles to pursue acting. 

She said in 2014: "I had an audition and my car broke down and no one would help me because my car was so dirty until Keanu Reeves. He was on a motorcycle and had his little motorcycle helmet and sunglasses and was like, ‘Hey, you need some help?' And I kid you not, I was gonna have him get in and I was gonna push it and he was like, ‘No no I'm gonna push you.' And I'm thinking, ‘Oh he's gonna touch my car!’ ”

And because the ‘John Wick’ star was so helpful, Octavia now goes to all of Keanu's movies "every opening weekend because that was a sweet thing to do."


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