Naomi Campbell Is Donating Her Famous Airport Hazmat Suit To A Museum

Naomi Campbell is set to donate her famous airport hazmat suit to a museum, after she wore the suit back in March to prevent herself getting coronavirus.

Naomi Campbell is set to donate her famous airport hazmat suit to a museum.

The 49-year-old model was spotted back in March walking through LAX's Tom Bradley International Terminal wearing a hazmat suit, goggles, a facial mask and rubber gloves, in an attempt to make herself as safe as possible from the spread of coronavirus.

And now, Naomi has revealed she has been contacted by a museum in relation to the suit, as they’d love to display her iconic outfit.

During an appearance on First We Feast’s hit YouTube series Hot Ones, she said: “I’ve been asked to put my hazmat suit into a museum. They asked me for the one that I actually wore and my Burberry cape that I put on top of it.”

Naomi didn’t specify which museum had gotten in touch with her, but said she plans on agreeing to their request.

She added’: “I’m going to give it [to them].”

​​​​​​​Meanwhile, the supermodel previously said she donned the suit in order to feel “protected and comfortable” during her flight.

She explained: “This is it. This is my precaution. What do you think? In all honesty, this is not a funny time. It’s not a humorous time. I’m not doing this for laughs. This is how I feel comfortable traveling.”

After making it to New York safely, Naomi resumed filming to let her fans know that people had been avoiding her during her flight because of her unusual outfit.

She said: “Made it back to New York all in one piece. That was a very surreal journey for me. I have to say, when I got on the plane people moved away from me. There was a guy sitting in front of me, he moved to the right. There was a guy sitting behind me, he moved to the right. Everybody didn’t want to be around me but that’s cool - I didn’t want to be around them either!

“But in all seriousness, I think we must take every precaution that makes us protected and comfortable. I’m definitely going to be keeping traveling to a minimum.”— BANG


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