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Millie Bobby Brown Pretended She Had "Full American Accent" At Stranger Things Audition

Let's just say she fooled a lot of people.

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Millie Bobby Brown Pretended She Had "Full American Accent" At Stranger Things Audition

Millie Bobby Brown pretended she had a "full American accent" at her Stranger Things audition.

The 16-year-old actress had her big break starring in the Netflix series but she admits she was "freaked and nervous" every time on set.

Speaking on Radio 1's The Story So Far, the Spanish-born British actress said: "We would drive 45 minutes into Los Angeles every single day, I'd get a Mountain Dew and these seeds, these nuts because I was so freaked and nervous ... In the audition, I'd do a full American accent for the full audition, they thought I was American — higher chance for role ... I'd wear long socks with Chucks, denim shorts, stripe tee — no logo, curled hair, no make-up, ready for audition, do it every single day. We did not have enough money for gas, dad wouldn't drive me in unless I knew every line. Desperate to be on camera / work. I was very grateful and honoured to get the role but I was very wanting."

And Millie confessed she misses "tea and digestives" when she's filming in the US.

She shared previously: "On set I used to have a good cup of tea with digestives almost every morning and I had Lucozade when I needed some energy. I just loved hearing the accent all day long and the banter. Don't get me wrong I love working in America, but home is home for me. While I was filming I would go to my cousins for instance and they were like, 'You sound so American', and by the end of filming they were like, 'You sound so posh'. I couldn't stop it! But when I'm here in America, my friends are all American, I do get the twang, it's very difficult. I like being British because it helped me become more British."

Millie's new movie, Enola Holmes, is now streaming on Netflix. — BANG

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