Millie Bobby Brown Learned American Accent From Hannah Montana

Millie Bobby Brown confessed she learned to do an American accent from watching 'Hannah Montana'.

Millie Bobby Brown learned her American accent from watching Hannah Montana.

The British actress credits the blonde wig wearing Disney pop princess —  played by Miley Cyrus — for teaching her to have the perfect American twang.

During an Instagram live video, which formed part of Cyrus' 'Bright Minded' series, Brown confessed the "only way" she was able to perfect her American accent was "by watching Hannah Montana" when she was younger. She also confessed she was "obsessed" with the show.

While Cyrus, who was on the Disney show between 2006 and 2011 — joked back: "I am surprised you don't have a country accent."

Meanwhile, Brown doesn't think being famous will ever be "normal" to her.

Admitting she doesn't think she'll ever fully grasp the fact people recognise her wherever she goes and admitted she doesn't always look "presentable", she said: "I don't think it will ever be a normal thing. Some days I go out and I make sure I look somewhat presentable and some days, I look like an absolute hot mess."

Meanwhile, Brown previously revealed she tries to "blocks out" all negativity in her life.

She shared: "I block out all negativity in my life, so anyone or anything that's getting in the way of me being happy will no longer be in my life. And I think that toxic people — people that don't just genuinely make you happy — you need to block out and, obviously, negativity on social media is not healthy ... You need to put yourself in a happy space. Make sure that you love yourself and that you're doing things that are ultimately going to make you happy. Once you do that first, then you will find your self-confidence and self-love throughout all of that journey."— BANG 


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