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Milla Jovovich "Terrified" And "Overjoyed" For Daughter's Acting Career, Praises Her Performance in Black Widow

Ever Garbo Anderson, 13, is playing young Natasha Romanoff in next year's 'Black Widow'.

Milla Jovovich "Terrified" And "Overjoyed" For Daughter's Acting Career, Praises Her Performance in Black Widow

Milla Jovovich is both "terrified" and "overjoyed" that her daughter has embarked on an acting career.

The Resident Evil star's eldest child, 13-year-old Ever, plays a young Natasha Romanoff in the upcoming Black Widow movie and while she's wary of the youngster taking steps into such a "difficult" industry, she's also happy that the teenager is able to follow her "passion".

She told Entertainment Tonight: "On the one hand I'm terrified because I know how difficult this industry is.

"And on the other hand, I'm overjoyed because I feel like my child has found their passion, and she has been very focused on it since she was five years old."

Milla — who, as well as Ever, has five-year-old Dashiel and Osian, 10 months, with director husband Paul W. S. Anderson — admitted her daughter has been a "set baby" through all her life.

She added: "She's grown up on sets with her dad and I and, you know, it seems like that the apple doesn't fall far from the tree."

The 45-year-old actress is very impressed by Ever's talent and thinks the youngster will wow viewers when the movie is released next year.

She gushed: "We call her Baby Widow. She's such a fan of the Marvel movies and you know, Ever is just such an incredible talent. She's just a real natural and it was so wonderful to watch her on set.

"I mean, literally, she had everybody crying during one of her scenes! She's amazing.

"'I think people are going to be really really impressed when they see the movie next year."

Ever will also be starring in Disney's upcoming live-action remake of Peter Pan, where she plays Wendy.

Meanwhile, Milla herself can currently be seen in Monster Hunter, which was written and directed by her husband, and she loves being immersed in her spouse's "crazy alternate universes".

She said: "You know, Paul has such a huge imagination and he was the dungeon master when he was a teenager. He was always the one writing all the scripts for him and his friends to play Dungeons and Dragons for hours, so, you know, I love that part of him.

"For me, I've always been such a big fan of sci-fi and fantasy myself, so he allows me to be able to go into these crazy alternate universes and he writes these incredible characters that do extraordinary things and makes me feel like a superhero.

"So you know what's not to love? I think we have so much fun together."

Black Widow opens in Singapore on Apr 29, 2021. — BANG

Photo: TPG News/Click Photos, Ever Garbo Anderson/Instagram

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