Michelle Yeoh wants to make a sequel to Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings.

The 59-year-old star, who stars in the new Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) blockbuster as Jiang Nan, says she loves making follow-ups to her films. 

Michelle told The Guardian: "I don't think it's ever a mistake to do a sequel. It just means you love a project so much. Sequels are great. I hope we do another Shang-Chi!

The Last Christmas star revealed that she wants to reprise her role as Eleanor Young in a sequel to the romantic comedy Crazy Rich Asians, which she describes as a "gamechanger" for the Asian community in the film industry.

Michelle explained: "That was such a gamechanger for the Asian community.

"Shang-Chi is something different: it doesn't change the game but it endorses and cements what belongs in our community. What was amazing in Crazy Rich Asians was being able to represent that culture in Asia itself, rather than in Britain or America."

Stunts have become part of Michelle's repertoire as a performer and she recalled the danger of performing exhilarating scenes earlier in her career, back when there was no CGI assistance.

She said: "When we first started in Hongkong, you didn't have help from CGI. You just went out and did what you had to do. I felt invincible."

Michelle remembered how Jackie Chan once begged her to stop doing stunts in the 1992 film Supercop as he felt under pressure to better her efforts.

She shared: "I told him, 'You're a fine one to ask me to stop! You're always doing them.'

"He said, 'That's because when you do one, I have to go one better.' The pressure was on him, poor dude." 

The Guardian asked her if it were true that Jackie once thought that women belong in the kitchen rather than in action movies? 

“He used to," Michelle said. "Until I kicked his butt.”— BANG SHOWBIZ

Photo: TPG News/Click Photos