Michael B Jordan Recalls “Cool Moments” With Keanu Reeves In 2001 Screen Debut, Hardball

Michael B Jordan made his screen debut at 13 in the 2001 baseball drama 'Hardball', alongside Keanu Reeves.

Michael B Jordan has praised Keanu Reeves and Laurence Fishburne as his "heroes".

The 34-year-old actor was just 13 when he landed a role in Keanu's 2001 movie Hardball and he praised Keanu for being kind to him on and off set and introducing him to his Matrix co-star Fishburne.

Michael, who's currently in the Amazon movie, Without Remorse, told The Hollywood Reporter: "While we were in production, Keanu took the whole cast out to dinner and we had a chance to meet Laurence Fishburne. To this day, I still remember thinking to myself in astonishment, 'I guess this is what movie stars do — take their casts out to dinner with other big actors.' So much respect for Keanu and Laurence. It really was such a cool moment with two of my heroes."

​​​​​​​Director Brian Robbins revealed Michael and his castmates were in awe of Keanu, 56, at the time as they loved The Matrix.

He said: "The Matrix was such a big thing. The kids would goof around with Keanu, re-enacting scenes, like dodging bullets in slow motion. They were in awe of Keanu. All these kids were new and raw and had never made a film before."

And Brian was impressed with Michael's confidence at such a young age.

He said: "I remember him coming in the room and being super charismatic. He was very confident - but not arrogant - and extremely likable." — BANG SHOWBIZ


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