Meghan Markle And Prince Harry Drove Around Los Angeles On Their Own During Lockdown

The couple had a two-day head start before the paparazzi caught found out what they were doing.

Duchess Meghan felt "free" in Los Angeles with her husband Prince Harry.

Because of the coronavirus lockdown, the Duchess of Sussex was able to show her husband around the city she lived in when they moved there during the pandemic.

A friend shared: "The streets were empty. It would be two days before the paparazzi found out where they were and what they were doing, so they got to see the city in a way they wouldn't ordinarily be able to.

"They loved being able to drive themselves around. It was freeing for them, but probably won't happen again."

And the 38-year-old former actress always had a "big plan" to move to Los Angeles, but it has not been as easy for Prince Harry, who "doesn't really know anyone" in LA.

The insider added: "When that piece of their plan fell away, there was no point being in Canada. It was never going to be their forever home. The big plan, for Meghan at least, was always Los Angeles ... It's not easy for Harry. He had a much more established life in England and he doesn't really know anyone in LA. I imagine he might be feeling a bit of what Meghan felt over in the UK — lonely and directionless."

The couple — who stepped down as senior royals earlier this year — have been enjoying time with their son Archie in lockdown.

The insiders told The Sunday Times magazine: "At the moment they are just enjoying watching Archie experience so many milestones. They have spent a lot of time together as a family during the lockdown and it's been a magical time.

"Archie is a happy and sweet baby, full of love and joy, and it's contagious. He is active and pulling himself up on everything with a great determination to walk."— BANG


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