Mark Ruffalo To Star In HBO’s Parasite Spin-Off?

Bong Jong-Ho has enough ideas for a six-hour long movie.

HBO wants Mark Ruffalo to star in the limited series inspired by Bong Joon Ho’s Parasite, the South Korean comedy-thriller which made history at the recent Oscars where it became the first non-English film to win Best Picture.  

Details are vague but according to Collider, “multiple sources” at the cabler are considering Ruffalo to play one of the leads in the spin-off, which will be executive produced by Bong and Adam McKay (Succession).

When asked to confirm Ruffalo’s involvement, HBO issued a statement: “The HBO limited series inspired by Parasite is in the early stages of development, and to speculate on any characters or casting is wildly premature.”

Ruffalo doesn’t know anything about it either. (Maybe?) When TMZ asked him for a comment shortly after the Oscars, the Hulk actor said, “I’d be honoured to be able to play something in that. It's so beautiful.” He added, “You know how it is nowadays, nothing’s done until it’s done but maybe one day. It’d be cool to be a part of.”

Bong has been thinking of a Parasite spin-off for a while. Speaking to TheWrap, he said, “So I had all these key ideas accumulated from when I started writing the script, I just couldn’t include all those ideas in the two-hour running time of the film, so they’re all stored in my iPad and my goal with this limited series is to create a six-hour-long film.”

The Bong-McKay team up sounds like a match made in heaven. Like Bong, McKay has a knack for telling stories that explore the dark side of capitalism (see Succession, The Big Short). So it’ll be interesting to see what kind of wicked magic the two of them would conjure up.

Parasite (M18) is still in cinemas. It will also be available on Viu from Feb 15.

Mark Ruffalo Photo: TPG News/Click Photos 


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