Madonna goes to bed at 4am.

The 63-year-old singer — who has six children — is a “night owl” and insisted she’s at her most creative at night.

Asked how she felt about doing an interview at 1am with Maluma for Rolling Stone's 'Musicians on Musicians series, she said: “I’m good with it. I’m used to staying up late. I’m a night owl.

“[I go to bed at] 4 am… It’s getting later and later.”

And when Maluma recalled how their first studio session together began at 8pm, she exclaimed: “That’s just when the juices start flowing!

“I have a theory that people who were born in the daytime are most alive in the day and people who were born at night feel most creative and alive at night.”

The ‘Beautiful Stranger’ hitmaker then poked fun at her ‘Medellin’ collaborator for keeping “old-man hours”.

​​​​​​​He said: “I wake up every morning at 6 am, I go to the gym.

“I go to work out, then I go to the studio, then I have some time to play with my dogs, then at 8, 9 pm., I’m done. I go to bed.”

Madonna replied: “You’re an old man. Those are old-man hours. You go to bed at eight? That’s crazy.”

Meanwhile, the ‘Ray of Light’ singer is currently writing a script for her biopic and she admitted it is a “draining” experience.

She said: “Writing my script is the most draining, challenging experience I’ve ever had.

“It’s kind of like psychotherapy in a way, because I have to remember every detail from my childhood till now.

“Remembering all the things that made me decide to be who I am, my journey as an artist, my decision to leave Michigan to go to New York, all the things that happened to me when I was young and naive, my relationships with my family and friends, watching many of my friends die — sometimes, I have writing sessions where I go to bed and I just want to cry. You know what I mean?

“The thing is, I realise I forgot a lot of things, and reliving, digging deep, trying to recall emotions that I felt in certain moments, both joyful and traumatic experiences . . . I realise I’ve lived a crazy life.” 

Watch Maluma's conversation with Madonna here: 


Photo: TPG News/Click Photos