LeAnn Rimes Was "Introduced" To Sexuality On The Set Of Coyote Ugly When She Was 17

LeAnn Rimes sang the theme song and had a small role in the 2000 movie.

LeAnn Rimes was "introduced" to sexuality during Coyote Ugly.

The 'Can't Fight the Moonlight' hitmaker was a "sweet innocent girl" when she joined the movie at 17 and admits it was a big "shock to the system" when she was told to use "chicken cutlets" to push her chest up.

She told Entertainment Tonight said: "I was 17. I was … this little sweet innocent girl and then … I walk on set and they hand me these chicken cutlets to put in my bra and they’re like, ‘Push ‘em up’ … That was my introduction into sexuality and being sexualised as a woman. It was interesting. It was quite a shock to the system. I was a kid looking at these women going, 'I’ll just do what she’s doing.' Nothing was really embodied."

And the country singer, now 38, admits her role — playing a "sexy singer" was "so opposite" to how she was.

She added: "I was trying to be this sexy singer performing on a bar, and that was so opposite of me. I was really acting at the time ’cause I was still figuring all that out about myself. Now it’s a different story. Now, if you put me on a bar, it’s a different story…now with all of my music, there’s so much more of an embodied experience since I’ve lived these songs. I’m 38 now and it comes from a completely different place … I draw from my own life experiences. They wanted to keep my image so innocent up until that point. I was kinda like, ‘Ta da’ [at] the chains being broken off of a teenage girl. It was appropriate."

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