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Laurence Fishburne Says He Wasn't "Invited" To Star In The Matrix 4

But Laurence Fishburne wishes the cast and crew of 'The Matrix 4' well.

Laurence Fishburne Says He Wasn't "Invited" To Star In The Matrix 4

Laurence Fishburne was not "invited" to star in the new 'Matrix' movie.

The 59-year-old actor — who plays Morpheus in the original film — has insisted he wishes the team who are making the fourth instalment "well", as he revealed he won't be starring in the movie.

He said of the new film: "I have not been invited. Maybe that will make me write another play. I wish them well. I hope it's great."

And Laurence also opened up about his role in the original movie.

Speaking about his role in The Matrix in New York Magazine, he added, "It is probably the role that I'll be best remembered for, which is great; it's not the only thing I'll be remembered for, which is better. What I get with him is I've got Darth Vader in this hand, and I've got Obi-Wan in that hand. I've got Bruce Lee, I've got Muhammad Ali shuffled in there, and I've got kung fu."

Keanu Reeves is reprising his role because of Lana Wachowski's "beautiful script".

Keanu said: "Lana Wachowski wrote a beautiful script and a wonderful story that resonated with me. That's the only reason to do it. To work with her again is just amazing. It's been really special, and the story has, I think some meaningful things to say, and that we can take some nourishment from."

And Carrie-Anne Moss is also returning to the franchise in the role of Trinity and "never thought" that a fourth Matrix film would be made.

She explained: "I never thought that it would happen. It was never on my radar at all. When it was brought to me in the way it was brought to me, with incredible depth and all of the integrity and artistry that you could imagine, I was like, 'This is a gift.' It was just very exciting."— BANG

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