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Lady Gaga’s Dognappers Arrested, Charged With Attempted Murder, Robbery

Five suspects were arrested, including the woman who returned the dogs.

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Lady Gaga’s Dognappers Arrested, Charged With Attempted Murder, Robbery

Lady Gaga’s alleged dognappers have been arrested.

The ‘Shallow’ hitmaker had two of her three French bulldogs stolen in a horrific attack in February, in which assailants shot her dog walker Ryan Fischer in the chest four times before stealing the dogs.

And law enforcement sources have reportedly told TMZ the five alleged culprits have now been arrested on a variety of charges, including attempted murder and robbery.

Gaga’s dogs were returned to her just days later after she offered a US$500,000 (S$663,000) reward for their safe return, when a woman claimed to have found them in an alley.

That woman was among the suspects arrested by police. She turned out to be in a relationship with the father of one of the suspects, said the LAPD.

The LA Country District Attorney's office later released the names of the five suspects, and says they've all been charged for their alleged roles in the shooting of Gaga's dog walker.

James Howard Jackson, Jaylin Keyshawn White and Lafayette Shon Whaley were charged with one count each of attempted murder, conspiracy to commit robbery and second-degree robbery.

Jackson also faces 2 additional firearm charges — one count each of assault with a semi-automatic firearm and a felon carrying a concealed firearm in a vehicle. White faces one count of assault by means of force likely to produce great bodily injury.

Harold White and Jennifer McBride — the woman who returned the dogs — were charged with one count each of accessory after the fact. Harold was also charged with one count of possession of a firearm and McBride faces one count of receiving stolen property

Meanwhile, 30-year-old Ryan was recently reported to have moved out of his home due to safety concerns after he was discharged from hospital when the thieves were still at large.

An insider told the US Sun: "He hasn't been living at his home since leaving the hospital, he has been with family who are helping to look after him during his recovery.

"Everyone in the community was shook by what happened and we've been told he has no intention of returning.

"He wants to be somewhere safe and secure, especially when the shooter is still at large and police are investigating.

"Everyone just hopes he can move on from this and be able to do his job and live his life as normal as possible."

Ryan was shot when he was walking Gaga’s three dogs — Miss Asia, Koji, and Gustavo — and during the attack, Miss Asia ran away from the scene while Koji and Gustavo were captured by the robbers.

Miss Asia was later recovered and returned the same day, before Koji and Gustavo were found two days after the shooting. — BANG SHOWBIZ

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