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Katy Perry Reveals Fiancé Orlando Bloom's Grossest Habit In The Bathroom

Turns out the 'Lord of the Rings' star loves leaving used dental floss everywhere in the house.

Katy Perry Reveals Fiancé Orlando Bloom's Grossest Habit In The Bathroom

Katy Perry says Orlando Bloom's “worst habit” is leaving used dental floss everywhere.

The ‘Firework’ hitmaker is thankful that the 45-year-old actor has fantastic oral hygiene and his "brilliant" pearly whites but had less kind words for his casual attitude to cleaning up after himself in the bathroom during a recent appearance on UK radio station Heart on Monday (Jan 17).

After being asked what bad habits her fiancé has, the 37-year-old pop star told hosts Amanda Holden and Jamie Theakston: “Oh my God, he loves to floss, which thank God because some partners don’t and it’s disgusting and he has brilliant teeth.

“But he leaves the floss, everywhere! On the side of my bed, and in the car, and on the kitchen table, I’m like, ‘There are bins everywhere.'”

​​​​​​​The American Idol judge also gave some insight into her family’s delayed but "amazing" Christmas celebrations — which took place on January 2 — and how it was the “favourite” Christmas she had ever had in her life, partly because of her daughter reaching an age where she understood what was happening.

Katy — who shares 16-month-old daughter Daisy with the Pirates of the Caribbean star — said: “I celebrated Christmas with my family, which was amazing.

“It was my favourite Christmas actually because my daughter’s now 16 months, and she’s aware of presents and we wore Christmas jammies but we celebrated on January 2, so everybody was done with Christmas, and it was like, everybody wakes up, because COVID has been crazy.” — BANG SHOWBIZ

Photo: TPG News/Click Photos

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