Katy Perry Answers Questions About Life Amid Lockdown And American Idol — Dressed As Easter Bunny

Katy Perry is finding things "up and down" in isolation but she has learned to be "grateful" for more things.

Katy Perry is finding things "up and down" in isolation.

The 'Dark Horse' hitmaker — who is pregnant with her first child — admits she has been struggling being in lockdown but she has learned to be "grateful" for more things and feels in a "good place".

In a Facebook Live session recorded from her car — while wearing an Easter Bunny costume — on Sunday (Apr 12), before American Idol went on air, Perry said: "It's up and down. I'm sure like everyone else. Just think of the things to be grateful for and that puts your mind in a good place. I love you. I miss you guys. It's a crazy time.

"This is a weird and wild time and I'm sure a lot of you are going through a lot of emotions. I'm in the same club ... I wish I had some answers. I hope that we can all get our smile back again soon. You guys stay safe and stay healthy."

And Perry — who is engaged to partner Orlando Bloom — admits she and her American Idol family are going to have to get "creative" with the new series amidst the coronavirus pandemic.

She explained: "What's going on with the show since we're all still in quarantine? Well, I think that we're all gonna have to be very creative. Know that we're going to get really creative and you'll just have to be tuning into that creativity that we are probably going to create from our individual homes. We'll see how this goes."

The 35-year-old singer would love to sing on the show and "hopes" she can make it happen one day.

Asked if she wanted to perform on the show, she replied in her fan question and answer session: "I hope so! I'd love to."


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