Kate Beckinsale Streams Workouts When Filming On Location

Kate Beckinsale only became interested in fitness after Michael Bay asked her to lose weight in 'Pearl Harbor'.

Kate Beckinsale streams fitness classes whilst on film sets.

The 46-year-old actress tends to workout six times a week with her personal trainer Brad Siskind at her gym in Beverly Hills, but when she is filming on location, Beckinsale prefers to follow online classes than hire another trainer.

She told the June issue of Women's Health magazine: "You'll find yourself in Bulgaria, and you don't know anyone and they'll say, 'Well, we have a trainer whose available', and he's literally called "The Punisher".

"I just got into trampolining, and it's the greatest thing. There's this woman, and I think she's a genius because she streams classes online. It makes you feel kind of jolly."

The Underworld star follows a strict full-body workout regime mixed with 90 to 120 second cardio intervals.

Though, she only became interested in fitness after starring in Pearl Harbour when director Michael Bay asked her to lose weight for her role as Ben Affleck's love interest Evelyn in the 2001 war film.

She previously said: "It wasn't great. It didn't make me feel good and, in general, I think women are body shamed 100 million percent more than men. But on this particular project, I wasn't.

"Ben [Affleck], who'd already done a movie with the director, was like, 'This happened to me. They made me get new teeth.' And I was like, 'Cool, at least I get to hang on to my actual teeth.'"

However, Beckinsale swears by regular exercise and has praised her yoga workouts for never falling flat during an action movie.

She said: "Now, exercise is almost more important to me mood-wise. The other aspects feel like a great side effect. I haven't been injured while doing an action movie, and I think that's partially from practising yoga."

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