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Kanye West Has Spent Almost US$6 million On Presidential Campaign

Recently released Federal Election Commission files show that the rapper has mostly been spending his own money on his presidential campaign.

Kanye West Has Spent Almost US$6 million On Presidential Campaign

Kanye West has already spent almost US$6 million (S$8 mil) on his bid to become the US President.

The 43-year-old rapper is currently in the midst of a campaign to replace Donald Trump in the White House, and Kanye's finance report has revealed the eye-watering sums he's spending on his Presidential aspirations.

Based on Federal Election Commission filings released on Friday (Sep 4), Kanye has loaned his campaign US$6.8 million, and that the campaign has received US$11,000 in outside contributions, according to Politico,

In the first month of his campaign, Kanye has forked out US$5.86 million — mostly on efforts to get him on the ballot in several states.

The filing also shows that Kanye's campaign has spent US$4.4 million getting onto ballots, and owes US$1.2 million to political consultants. Other expenses include US$444,000 to Millennial Strategies for polling and US$95,000 to a chart jet company.

Kanye — whose total wealth is estimated at US$1.3 billion — ​​​​​​​is currently on the ballot in 10 states, but has been rejected from several others and is currently suing to get on some of those contested ballots.

Meanwhile, model Tyson Beckford recently insisted Kanye West isn't "ready" to become the US President.

Tyson thinks Kanye's ambition is misguided and has instead encouraged the rap star to stick to what he knows.

He said: "This is where I always get into trouble because I speak the truth. I don't know what's going on, but he's really getting himself in a pot of tea that's not ready for him.

"I try to never speak bad. I've seen him and his lady, [wife Kim Kardashian], do some positive things, and I kind of wish they would just stay on that. That vibe running a country — it's not an easy thing."

Tyson thinks the US needs to choose the most capable person for the role, rather than the person with the biggest profile.

He explained: "I think we need to start picking people because it's something that they do for a living.

"It's like, if you get on a plane and there's no pilot and then one of the customers says, 'Okay, I'm going to get up and fly.'

"Are you going to deboard the plane, or are you going to stay on the plane and take this flight? I'm not getting on a plane with a pilot ... who's not a pilot. That's just crazy."— BANG

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