Josh Duhamel Once Beat Ashton Kutcher In A Modelling Contest: "I Had The Sash, Tears Were Flowing, It Was Beautiful"

Josh Duhamel and Ashton Kutcher competed for Male Model of the Year in 1997.

Josh Duhamel once beat Ashton Kutcher in a modelling contest.

The 48-year-old star rose to fame as a fashion model during the 1990s and recalled coming out on top against the future star of That '70s Show for the title of Male Model of the Year in 1997. 

Appearing on Late Night with Seth Meyers, Duhamel joked that beating Kutcher was "probably the most pivotal moment in my life." 

"You know, the whole week was about, 'Who's gonna win?'," the Jupiter's Legacy star said. "Word on the street was that it was between me and this kid from Cedar Rapids and some other kid. The kid from Cedar Rapids was Ashton, obviously."

Looking back at the night, Duhamel joked, "I mean, I might've won Miss Universe, you know? They lifted me up, I had the sash, tears were flowing, it was beautiful."

He also recalled how his walk gave him an edge over the competition and helped him claim the title: "It was definitely my walk. My walk was fierce."

Duhamel recently finished shooting Shotgun Wedding, the action rom-com he's co-starring with Jennifer Lopez, in the Dominican Republic. 

Watch Duhamel's interview on Late Night with Seth Meyers here:


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