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More Gun-Fu On Its Way! John Wick 5 In Early Development

Yeah. The Baba Yaga will return. 

More Gun-Fu On Its Way! John Wick 5 In Early Development

It's official: John Wick will be back more for more gun-fu.

Lionsgate chairman Joe Drake has confirmed that a fifth movie in the Keanu Reeves-led John Wick franchise is already in the works. 

During a recent financial call, Drake said, "We're now moving across that franchise, not just in the AAA video game space, but looking at what the regular cadence of spin-offs, television really growing that universe so that there is a steady cadence of a franchise that there's clear appetite by the audience.

"What is official is that, as you know, Ballerina [starring Ana de Armas] is the first spinoff that comes out next year. We're in development on three others, including John Wick 5 and including television series, The Continental, will be airing soon.

"We're building out the world and when that 5 movie comes, it will be organic — will be organically grown out of how we're starting to tell those stories. But you can rely on a regular cadence of John Wick." 

The news comes just weeks after director Chad Stahelski admitted he "wouldn't mind" making another film in the franchise.

Stahelski, who's directed all the John Wick movies, including the latest, John Wick: Chapter 4,  told The Direct: "The real question you ask yourself is not, 'Do I want it?' Yes, I wouldn't mind doing it.

"We just tried to knock it out of the park. We tried to put everything on the table, take nothing, and leave it all. Like, 'F*** it, every idea. We're not saving anything. We're not trying to build. Just everything you got, leave it there.'

"We feel we put everything we had into John Wick 4, and we feel we completed the cycle. We feel like we ended it. So, we feel like, 'You know, that was a great way to wrap up the previous three films and the fourth and deliver something satisfying and fun.'"

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

In John Wick: Chapter 4, Wick (Reeves) figures out a way to beat the High Table but it's going cost him dearly, notably his life. 

So if there's a Chapter 5, does that mean Wick didn't die? You know what they say: he isn't dead until you see a body. Meanwhile, Wick will be back in the prequel/spin-off Ballerina, due in cinemas in June 2024.

The sequel — which also stars Ian McShane, Laurence Fishburne, Bill Skarsgard and Donnie Yen —  has grossed nearly US$430 million worldwide since its March release. It's now on sale on iTunes; available for rent from May 31.


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