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JK Rowling Wrote Some Of Harry Potter While Sitting On The Toilet

The author admitted that she once wrote one paragraph of 'Harry Potter' in a public loo.

JK Rowling Wrote Some Of Harry Potter While Sitting On The Toilet

Inspiration can happen anywhere when you least expected. For Harry Potter creator JK Rowling, some of those places happened in the loo.

The author has confessed she penned some of her famous book whilst using a public loo but she refuses to divulge where it is as she has been left "embarrassed" by her revelation.

Speaking on the BBC podcast, The Poet Laureate Has Gone to His Shed, she said: "I once wrote a paragraph of Harry Potter sitting on a public loo. Literally, that happened. You know what? It was the moment, I had no time, it’s gonna have to happen now.

"So it made me very un-precious about the conditions I need to write, and that was good because it meant I could continue to raise my kids and keep going. Maybe [the books] would’ve been better written if I hadn’t had that life but that’s what it was. I'm not telling anyone where that loo was, I’m too embarrassed, I can’t believe I’ve told you that but that is the truth."

The 55-year-old author admits she isn't always "inspired" when she writes.

She added: "I don’t know if they say this to you, 'Do you only write when you’re inspired?' In my head, I say, 'Well if I only write when I’m inspired I’ve only written half a book'. A professional writer has to push through, we all love those moments of brilliant inspiration but it’s the work you do after that that counts or that’s how I see it."— BANG SHOWBIZ

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