Jim Carrey's Fictionalised Hollywood In New Memoir Will "Tell A Deeper Truth" About Showbiz

Jim Carrey's book, 'Memoirs and Misinformation', will leave readers wondering what is real and what is made up.

Jim Carrey has promised to "tell a deeper truth" about Hollywood.

The actor and comedian has opened up about his new book Memoirs and Misinformation, which features a fictionalised version of both himself and the film industry as he explores the real world.

He told Entertainment Tonight: "It's basically using fiction to tell a deeper truth. I could recount the events of my life in chronological order, or, like most memoirs, you know, spun around to make it look good, and reordered.

"But this was really about more than just one celebrity... It represents the the myth that people carry around in their heads about Hollywood."

The Hollywood in Memoirs and Misinformation features fictionalised versions of real stars such as Nicholas Cage, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Anthony Hopkins. In another interview, with The New York Times, Carrey said he sent every actor mentioned in the book a "letter of explanation" to make it clear what he's trying to do in the book. "It's satire and parody but also done with reverence. Most of the people in this book are people whom I admire greatly.”

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The book will leave readers uncertain about which parts are real and which have been created by the Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind actor for the story. 

He explained: "I think the greatest truths ever told were told through fiction, and not just laying it out as you think it is.

"But there's something deeper to be had here, if you really look underneath, you know, lift the ocean and find the sleeping dog, you're gonna know a lot about me and you will get a real idea of how I think."

The 58-year-old star — who co-wrote the book with Dana Vachon — admitted he was inspired by exploring his own feelings of isolation in the spotlight. He added: "I think everybody who's famous feels lonely. It's a very strange feeling to everybody's consciousness directed towards you...

"[It's like how] these days, everybody's trying to form their personality around, you know, their likes on social media. So how does that form a person? "Fame is kind of a weird thing that happens to you because you're an artist, hopefully. We can see it as a very dangerous state to exist in." — BANG

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