Jessica Simpson Opens Up About Feeling “Manipulated” When She Was With John Mayer, But Doesn’t Feel He Owes Her An Apology

She dated the singer-songwriter on and off in 2006, after her divorce with Nick Lachey.

Jessica Simpson doesn't think John Mayer owes her a "public apology" for the way he acted when they were in a relationship in 2006, or for his public comments about their sex life after they broke up. 

The 'With You' singer opened up about her on-off relationship with the 'Gravity' hitmaker in her new autobiography, Open Book, in which she recalled how her insecurity with him "was the start" of her alcohol dependence, accused him of causing her break-up with Tony Romo and admitted she was embarrassed when he described her as "sexual napalm" in a 2010 Playboy interview. Jessica revealed that she felt it was right to be "honest" about how she felt at the time, but she doesn't think John owes her anything now.

Speaking in her upcoming interview with Tamron Hall, she said: "No, I definitely don't feel that I am owed a public apology. I mean, you can't take it back.

"And I'm a very forgiving person but I'm also honest. So, in the memoir, if I'm gonna talk about stuff that caused me pain, I'm going to be honest about it. And that was a time in my life that I was very manipulated and also in love, or seemingly."

And Jessica admitted John "might not be sorry" for his behaviour, but she is fine about that.

However, she added: "We were kinda like on-off, on-off at that time.

"But to talk about anybody sexually is kind of disrespectful, but that's on him."

These days, the 'Dukes of Hazzard' star is happily married to Eric Johnson - with whom she has eight-year-old Maxwell, seven-year-old Ace, and two-year-old Birdie - and admitted her relationship with the former NFL player is so different to what she had with John.

She said: "Now that I have the love of Eric, it's just such a different thing."

John previously admitted he has "heard some bits" from Open Book but has no desire to read the entire memoir.

He said: "I've heard about it. I've heard some bits.

"As Pee-wee Herman says in 'Pee-wee's Big Adventure' before the movie of his life is about to play out at the end, he's not watching the movie, and the reason he's not watching the movie, he says, 'I don't have to watch it, Dottie, I lived it.' And I think that's prescient here." — BANG SHOWBIZ


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