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Jeff Goldbum On Being A Father At 70: "It's Amazing, It's Revivifying"

Jurassic Park actor has two young sons, aged five and seven, with his wife Emilie Livingston.



Jeff Goldbum On Being A Father At 70: "It's Amazing, It's Revivifying"

Jeff Goldblum loves the challenge of being a father at 70. 

Speaking on NBC's Today, Goldblum — who married dancer Emilie Livingston, 39, in 2014 and shares two sons, Charlie, seven, and River, five, with her — said: "It's amazing, it's revivifying, and makes my relationship with Emilie, frankly, enhanced. Seeing [my wife] in this new role is unbelievable. She's heroic beyond imagination."

Goldblum turned 70 last month. 

The Jurassic Park actor, who previously tied the knot with actresses Patricia Gaul and Geena Davis, acknowledged that fatherhood can be challenging, but he still loves the experience.

"It's challenging and it's sometimes maddening and very volatile," he explained. "As you know, at three and five, five and seven, they can be like feral creatures unleashed.

"Oh yeah, and sweet and amazing. It's great."

Meanwhile, Goldblum previously admitted that he's "glad" he waited until later in life to have children.

Speaking during an appearance on The Jonathan Ross Show in 2018, he said: "I am glad I didn't have kids until now really. I don't know that I was equipped and I was busy and probably more self-involved than I'm possibly capable of now, we'll see. I do enjoy my kids now."

He also admitted it was his wife's idea to start a family.

"After a couple of years during a sweet, sweet moment, she said, 'Jeez, this is going so well, what if we had a baby?' and I had flirted with the idea before and was glad that I hadn't and had confirmed to myself that I wasn't going to but because she said it, and because of what was going on between her and I, I thought, this is a serious and interesting proposition. And it wasn't until a year later when we went to my therapist and excavated and brought to the surface all of my considerations that I became clear and wildly enthusiastic about it." 

Last month, Goldblum was reportedly in talks to play The Wizard in Jon M Chu's upcoming Wicked movies. The two-part adaptation of the Tony-winning musical, headlined by Ariana Grande as Glinda and Cynthia Erivoc as Elphaba, is set for release for Christmas in 2024 and 2025.— BANG SHOWBIZ

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