Jamie Lee Curtis Thinks Chris Evans "Planned" His Nude Photo Leak

Jamie Lee Curtis believed her 'Knives Out' co-star did it for a good cause, though.

Jamie Lee Curtis has joked Chris Evans “planned” his nude photo leak.

The 39-year-old actor made headlines in September after he posted and quickly deleted a video on his Instagram Story in which he accidentally showed the camera roll on his phone, which included a picture of a penis.

After realising his mistake, Chris quipped he had captured the “attention” of his followers to encourage US citizens to vote in the upcoming election.

And now, his Knives Out co-star Jamie Lee has jokingly suggested he made the blunder on purpose in order to use his platform to get people to vote.

Speaking on The Kelly Clarkson Show, Jamie Lee said: “My question is this: He’s so smart and such an unbelievably beautiful human being. I’m wondering if it was even planned. You know what I mean?” 

Jamie Lee’s comments come after Chris addressed the mistake two days after it was posted.

He wrote: “Now that I have your attention …. VOTE Nov 3rd!!! (sic)”

And Jamie Lee, 61, responded at the time, writing: “My boy! Proud of him. Got MY attention! (sic)”

Meanwhile, Chrissy Teigen leapt to the Captain America star’s defence and confessed to having lots of not-safe-for-work images stored on her device thanks to candid WhatsApp chats with her friends.

Although she didn't name Chris specifically, her comments appear to have been made in reaction to his photo leak.

Chrissy tweeted: "My WhatsApp automatically saves every photo to my roll so any boobs in my phone are my girlfriends showing me their boobs or boobs they hate or boobs they love or yeah def also my boobs. I'd say 80 percent of my roll is whatsapp nonsense between friends

"I know you can change the settings but I like it. Tons of pics of the kids between families, easy when it saves. It just means that every once in a while there is a crazy random meme I don't recall in my roll! (sic)” — BANG

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