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James Gunn Reveals DC Studios Slate: First 10 Projects Include Superman Legacy, Batman & Robin Movie, Wonder Woman Prequel And More

The first part of Chapter 1 of the rebooted DC Universe is called 'Gods and Monsters'.

James Gunn Reveals DC Studios Slate: First 10 Projects Include Superman Legacy, Batman & Robin Movie, Wonder Woman Prequel And More

James Gunn is planning to use "diamond characters" of the DC Universe to support unknown characters as he takes on the new slate of the film franchise.

Gunn and Peter Safran, the co-chairmen and CEO of the newly-minted DC Studios revealed on Monday (Jan 30) the slate of new superhero projects over the coming years — the first part of Chapter 1 of the DCU is called 'Gods and Monsters'. 

Gunn told The Hollywood Reporter: "One of our strategies is to take our diamond characters, which is Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, and we use them to prop up other characters that people don’t know."
Peter added: "To build those lesser-known properties into the diamond properties of tomorrow."

The initial slate of Chapter One will consist of an animated seven-episode series titled Creature Commandos, which has been written by Gunn and has already entered into production, while Viola Davis will return to her role as morally ambiguous government head Amanda Waller in Waller, which will serve as a spin-off to Peacemaker.

Meanwhile, the cinematic venture Superman: Legacy is said to focus on the classic hero's "Kryptonian heritage with his human upbringing" and has been slated for a release date of July 11, 2025.

Lanterns has replaced Greg Berlanti’s long-in-the-works Green Lanterns TV series and according to Safran will be a "terrestrial-based" project in a similar vein to True Detective.

Authority will be a movie based on a team of superheroes with unorthodox methods of saving the planet, all stemming from an idea that has been in the works since the 1990s and, according to Gunn, will "not just be a story of heroes and villains".

Paradise Lost will be a Game of Thrones-style drama set on the all-female island of Wonder Woman's birthplace which takes place before the events depicted in the Wonder Woman film series.

The Brave and the Bold will serve as the "introduction of the DCU Batman" and will be a "very strange father-and-son story". Narratively, it has nothing to do with Matt Reeves' The Batman II (due in 2025), with Robert Pattinson donning the cowl again, or Todd Phillips' Joker: Folie à Deux (due in 2024).

 Safran added: "2025 is going to be a very big year for DC. Superman and Batman within the same year!"

Closing out the slate will be the HBO Max series Booster Gold which is "about a loser from the future who uses basic future technology to come back to today and pretend to be a superhero", while Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow, which will focus on a "much more hardcore" version of the character than has been seen before.

The conclusion of the first chapter of the slate will come in the form of  Swamp Thing, a horror movie based on the comic strips that follow a humanoid/plant elemental creature.

During the presentation, Gunn and Safran also vowed that under to course-correct the way movies are made. 

“People have become beholden to [release] dates, to getting movies made no matter what,” Gunn said of the modern studio habit of scheduling tentpole titles for theatrical release long before the scripts are put together.

“I’m a writer at my heart, and we’re not going to be making movies before the screenplay is finished.”

Under his and Safran's watch, they will delay releases if the script is not to par. “I’ve seen it happen again and again — it’s a mess,” he said. “It’s the primary reason for the deterioration in quality of films today, versus 20-30 years ago.”

Watch Gunn's presentation of the DC Studios' upcoming slate here:


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