Jada Pinkett Smith is "going to be friends" with her alopecia.

The 50-year-old actress has taken to Instagram to discuss her experience of alopecia — which causes bald spots and hair loss — and to explain that she won't allow the autoimmune disorder to bring her down.

Jada — who is seen in the video clip running her fingers across her scalp — says: "Y'all know I've been struggling with alopecia and just all of a sudden one day, look at this line right here. Look at that.

"So it just showed up like that and this is going to be a little bit more difficult for me to hide. So I thought I'd just share it so y'all are not asking any questions."

The Matrix Resurrections star — who is married to Will Smith — explained that she wants to take a positive approach to the hair-loss issue.

She continued: "You know mama's going to put some rhinestones in there. I'm going to make me a little crown. That's what mama's going to do."

Jada also captioned the video: "Mama's gonna have to take it down to the scalp so nobody thinks she got brain surgery or something [tongue out emoji] Me and this alopecia are going to be friends … period! [laughter emoji] (sic)"

​​​​​​​Jada previously discussed her hair-loss issues during an episode of Red Table Talk in 2018.

She shared: "It was terrifying when it first started. I was in the shower one day and had just handfuls of hair in my hands and I was just like, 'Oh my God, am I going bald?'"

Jada also revealed that she'd found a treatment to help with her hair loss.

She said: "I'm getting my little steroid injections, and they seem to be helping, but not curing, but they seem to be helping, but I'm open to other ideas." — BANG SHOWBIZ

Photo: TPG News/Click Photos