Jackie Chan’s Vanguard To Open In Cinemas On Sept 30

It was supposed to come out in January but COVID-19 messed things up.

Seven months after it was pulled from release, the Jackie Chan-led action flick Vanguard will be released in cinemas on Sept 30.

The Stanley Tong-directed movie — about the exploits of an international security agency run by Jackie’s character — was originally scheduled to come out during the Chinese New Year period.

Then COVID-19-happened. The outbreak in China led to the closures of cinemas, forcing producers to pull the domestic and international releases ofVanguard as well as other major CNY titles, including the Eddie Peng-starred disaster thriller The Rescue, the action-comedy Chinatown Detective 3, and the animated Jiang Ziya: Legend of Deification. 

At time of writing, Jiang Ziya will hit the big screen on Oct 8. 

More to follow.

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