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Hugh Jackman Gets Naked In Hilarious Commercial For RM Williams Boots

Nothing gets in the way of Wolverine and his RM Williams boots.

Hugh Jackman Gets Naked In Hilarious Commercial For RM Williams Boots

The next time you see a pair of RM Williams boots, you can’t help but see Hugh Jackman wearing them butt naked.

It’s an image you can’t un-see no thanks to the latest commercial for the Australian footwear and clothing company: the X-Men star, 51, is seen wearing nothing but his RM Williams boots. (Well, he isn’t really naked, just the perception that he’s naked.)

In the ad, Jackman is in a bow-wow with an RM Williams executive “Firstly, let me say, Hugh, that we are delighted that you love RM Williams boots,” the exec says in the opening before the camera pans out revealed a nude Jackman (his private parts pixelated) seated across him, with his boot-clad feet up. Just lovely.

“I’m actually, like, in love,” the Oscar-nominated actor raves in the 90-sec video. “They're great. They’re amazing.” He continues, “The balls of my feet just feel like they’ve died and were widely mourned and just went to ball heaven if you know what I mean,” he said. Yes, the inevitable testicles pun.

The ad ends with Jackman admiring the blue velvet chair he’s sitting in as he rubs his tush on it (really sanitary, bud) “What is this? You should sit in this! Everything at RM Williams is just so comfortable!” The suit then offers the chair to Jackman, "You can have that.”

Jackman became a private investor in RM Williams in 2015 and was named the brand’s first-ever ambassador in March 2019. Last month, Jackman also appeared in an ad for which he has stakes in, The Laughing Man coffee company. That commercial features a voice-over from Jackman’s long-time faux frenemy Ryan Reynolds.

After the RM Williams ad dropped, Reynolds took to Twitter to make a wise-crack (geddit?) about it. “Is that chair from my office?’,” Reynolds wrote.

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