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Henry Golding's Dog Bites Another Pooch

Henry Golding's foster dog reportedly left another pooch in need of medical treatment after lashing out in a park. Bad doggie.

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Henry Golding's Dog Bites Another Pooch

Henry Golding's foster dog reportedly attacked another pooch in a park.

The Crazy Rich Asians star is caring for pit bull Stella during the coronavirus pandemic and was taking her for a walk in Los Angeles' Pan Pacific Park last week when she lashed out at a smaller canine while the two creatures were running around together.

According to TMZ, Stella picked the other dog up by the neck, causing a large gash that required several hours of treatment, including six staples to close the wound.

The other owner told the publication she spoke to a police officer, who was also in the park, but cops were unable to do anything and advised the incident needed to be resolved between themselves.

Golding — whose dog was on a leash — gave the other owner his e-mail address but she claimed he ignored her messages for several days and only offered to pay her vet bills after she posted about the incident on Instagram.

The 33-year-old actor revealed earlier this month he and wife Liv Lo welcomed "loving fuzzball" Stella into their home on the advice of Olivia Munn, who has been an "amazing advocate" for creatures currently housed in animal shelters.

Golding announced on Instagram: "So today was a huge day at the Golding house hold, we became foster parents for this little pup Stella.

"Sadly with Covid 19 alot of the adoption shelters still need to find homes for these beauty's, what better way to share your home in quarantine than with a loving fuzzball.

"Our friend @oliviamunn has been such an amazing advocate for pets that need homes. so with help from @wag, @greatergoodorg, @startanimalrescue and @robertvillaneda we found our perfect match in Stella!

"Of course during our whole interaction we kept a safe distance and made sure to wear protective equipment, it's still so doable even in this challenging time (sic)"— BANG

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