Sean Connery. Roger Moore. George Lazenby. Timothy Dalton. Pierce Brosnan. Daniel Craig. Henry... Golding? Rumours are rife that the Crazy Rich Asians star is next in line to play the iconic MI6 agent after Craig surrenders his licence to kill.

It all started a few days ago when tabloid news website TMZ quizzed the Malaysian-British (and Singapore PR) actor at Los Angeles International Airport about the possibility of him portraying Bond.

“I couldn’t possibly say anything about that,” Golding, 32, said coyly in the video clip. It was a ‘neither confirm nor deny’ response that had everyone wondering, Does he know something we don’t? Or maybe it’s just TMZ fishing for something out of nothing.

When you stick a camera in a celeb’s face and ask him about his involvement in a high-profile franchise, anything he says can be spun into a story. (Golding might probably give the same answer if he were grilled about being the next Wolverine. Maybe.)

Golding’s name was thrown into the hat, following the success of Crazy Rich Asians. He joins a list of actors — which also includes Idris Elba, Tom Hiddleston, Tom Hardy, and Henry Cavill — fans want to see as Bond. 

As much as we love to see Golding as the first Asian Bond, does he fit the bill? Does he have an authentic British accent? Check. Does he look dashing in a suit? Check. Does he look sexy shirtless? Check. Can he handle love scenes? Check.

Can he be a badass who can John Wick his way out of a life-and-death situation? Ch… Hmmm, Golding can do suave but has yet to be tested as an action hero. (Unless you count him getting shot at in A Simple Favor.)

Golding’s next movie, the Paul Feig-helmed Last Christmas is — surprise, surprise — a rom-com. So until he does some serious bruising and butt-kicking in an action flick, we can’t imagine him with a Walther PPK.  

But right now, finding Craig’s successor is the least of the Bond producers’ concerns: first, they have to worry about Craig’s final 007 adventure — with Cary Joji Fukunaga (True Detective) as director — which starts filming next month.

In 2018, Craig told Stephen Colbert on The Late Show that he was eager to play Bond for the fifth and final time: “I just want to go out on a high note, and I can’t wait.” The untitled 25th Bond flick is set to open in April 2020. 

Remember: there was a four-year break between Casino Royale (Craig’s first tour of duty) and Die Another Day (Brosnan’s last). By then, there’ll most definitely be another list of actors vying to be Bond. Will Golding still be a candidate then? 

Do you think Henry Golding will make a good James Bond? If not him, who should take on the mantle? Here are our picks... 

Last Christmas opens here Nov 14.

Photos: TPG News/Click Photos