Guns N’ Roses Mock Trump With 'Live N' Let Die With COVID 45' T-Shirt

Proceeds of the shirts will go to a COVID-19 relief fund for workers in the music industry.

Guns N’ Roses have hit out on President Trump's handling of the COVID-19 pandemic by releasing a new T-shirt for charity.  

The ‘Sweet O’ Child’ hit-makers on Wednesday (May 13) launched a new T-shirt that says ‘Live N’ Let Die With COVID 45’.

The apparel was inspired by President Trump’s recent tour of an Arizona factory that was producing N-195 face masks, but he wasn’t wearing a mask himself. (The facility requires everyone to wear one.)   

During his visit, the employees blasted GN’Rs cover of ‘Live and Let Die’ over the loudspeaker. The “45” in “COVID 45” refers to Trump’s political nickname as the 45th President of the United States.

Check the video of Trump’s awkward tour posted on YouTube by Reuters (we're pretty sure the guy on the right had no idea what the POTUS was saying to him):

The ‘Live N’ Let Die With COVID 45’ T-shirt costs US$25 (S$35). All proceeds will go to MusicCares, which has set up a COVID-19 relief fund to help workers in the music industry who are financially affected the coronavirus fallout.

The T-shirt is available in sizes ranging from small to 2XL and is on sale now at the official GN’R merchandise site. The shirts will ship beginning on June 10th.

Trump isn’t the only caught in the crosshairs of GN’R. They also recently slammed Secretary of the Treasury Steve Mnuchin an “a**hole” for stating on Fox News, “This is a great time for people to explore America.”

Frontman Axl Rose tweeted, “It’s official! Whatever anyone may have previously thought of Steve Mnuchin he’s officially an a**hole.”

Mnuchin tweeted back, “What have you done for the country lately?” But he mistakenly included an emoji of the Liberian flag, then deleted it and reposted the same message with the American flag.

Too late! Rose noticed the booboo  and responded, ““My bad I didn’t get we’re hoping 2 emulate Liberia’s economic model but on the real unlike this admin I’m not responsible for 70k+ deaths n’ unlike u I don’t hold a fed gov position of responsibility 2 the American people n’ go on TV tellin them 2 travel the US during a pandemic.” Burn! 

Photo: TPG News/Click Photos 


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