Gordon Ramsay Jokes He Waves A Knife At Daughters' Boyfriends When They Drop In

The celeb chef bans boys who visit daughters Megan, 23, Holly, 21, and Matilda, 19, from the bedrooms.

Gordon Ramsay jokes that he would wave a knife when his daughters' boyfriends come over to his house. 

The 54-year-old chef — who has Megan, 23, Holly, 21, Jack, 21, Matilda, 19 and two-year-old Oscar with wife Tana — admitted he can be a menacing presence when his kids bring home their partners and he refuses to let them go upstairs unaccompanied.

Speaking on US TV's Extra, he said: "Four or five years ago they used to bring friends home, now they bring boyfriends home, which really grates on me.

"I just stand there, about to chop onions and stare at them with a knife, and go 'You are not going upstairs, you little s***. You are not going to go upstairs and rehearse that English exam, you are f**ing staying downstairs.' "

However, Gordon is all too happy to cook for the boyfriends before they leave.

He added: "[I say] 'What the f*** would you like to eat and what time do you have to be f****** kicked out of here.' "

The Hell's Kitchen star is known for his colourful language, and though he insisted he "doesn't mean" to swear so often, he gets frustrated and can't help himself.

He said: "I don’t mean to swear is down to the muppets you have with me."

Gordon previously claimed the "only reason" his daughters "want to talk" to him is because he's been friends with Gigi Hadid since she appeared on Masterchef Celebrity Showdown.

He quipped: "My daughters, they love me. It's not because I'm a f****** good chef. They love me because I talk to Gigi Hadid. That's the only reason why they want to talk to me.”

Despite Gordon’s teasing when it comes to his family, the chef has admitted he has formed a deeper connection with his family whilst quarantining amid the coronavirus pandemic.

He said: "The bond has felt like cramming 10 vacations all at once, handed on a plate, and garnished with parsley. We’ve laughed, we've cried, we've fallen in love, we've fallen out of love, and we came out of it so much stronger together. There's a level of closeness like we've never had before." — BANG SHOWBIZ


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