George Clooney Says His 3-Year-Old Twins Are Great At Pulling This Gross Prank

It involves Nutella.

George Clooney taught his twins to pretend they eat their own poo.

The 59-year-old actor-and-director revealed three-year-old Ella and Alexander — who he has with wife Amal — love to "freak out" their guests by smearing their nappies with chocolate spread and then sticking a finger in to eat it.

Speaking to People magazine, the famous prankster said: "They both have learned to play pranks, which is good fun.

“I did work with them on putting Nutella in a diaper and then eating it.

"Whenever a stranger is around, they’ll come in holding it, like, ‘Papa, it’s a dirty nappy!’ and I go, ‘Okay, I’ll take care of it,’ and then they eat the Nutella out of the nappy.

“You can imagine the freak-outs we get…. Yeah, I taught them that.”

George, whose new movie The Midnight Sky premieres on Netflix later this month, has accepted the fact he can't often do the things he enjoys at home without being interrupted anymore.

He said: "Yeah, the times I used to be able to sit back and read a book, that’s done for a while.

"Like I was watching game six of the World Series, the winning game for the Dodgers, and my son had a dream that a dinosaur with fire was coming after him. It was just when Mookie Betts hit the home run, and I’m trying to comfort him. So things have changed a little bit.”

Even before the coronavirus pandemic struck, George had been planning to spend more time at home with his children.

He said: "I haven’t been working as much as I had before we had the kids, so I had every intention of focusing on them [anyway], putting them to bed at night and stuff, so we didn’t need to be forced into that by a pandemic."

And the former E.R. star felt "lucky" because he didn't have to do any homeschooling with his kids.

He said: "I’m lucky because our kids are three, so I don’t have to homeschool trigonometry. I can survive with just spending time with them.”— BANG

Photo: TPG News/Click Photos


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