Gemma Chan's Ex, Comedian Jack Whitehall, Regrets Not Marrying Her: "I Messed It Up"

'Captain Marvel' star Gemma Chan and comedian Jack Whitehall were in a rlationship with for six years before splitting in 2017.

Jack Whitehall says he regrets not marrying Gemma Chan.

The 32-year-old comedian  — who is currently in a relationship with Roxy Horner  — dated Crazy Rich Asians and Captain Marvel star Gemma for six years between 2011 and 2017, and has admitted he "could have got married" to the star, but "messed it up".

Speaking to his mother Hilary in an episode of his Netflix show, Travels With My Father, he said: "I f***** up my chance of that. I did. I could have got married but I messed it up."

Also in the episode  — which was filmed before he began dating Roxy  — Jack apologised to his mother for being the only single member of their immediate family, as it meant he had to attend his sister Molly's wedding alone.

He added: "I'm sorry I'll be attending the wedding alone and I'm sorry you have two children who have model relationships and one who is going to be there on his own maybe trying to shag a bridesmaid."

Jack met Gemma in 2011 when they both starred in the Channel 4 show Fresh Meat, and the pair enjoyed a six-year romance before hectic filming schedules caused them to split in 2017.

Gemma is currently dating Preacher star Dominic Cooper.  

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Gemma Chan and her boyfriend Dominic Cooper helped to lift the spirits of NHS staff at Charing Cross Hospital by delivering meals to them in April. 

A source said at the time: "Jack and Gemma secretly pulled the plug on their relationship but remain good friends.

"For the past couple of years they've both been finding it difficult to make proper time for one another and, with their schedules showing no signs of slowing down, have decided to go their separate ways.

"It's sad but they remain supportive of one another."

And at a comedy gig in 2018, Jack joked their split was caused by their differing views on starting a family.

He said: "I've had a lot of changes in my life recently. I'm single now. I was in a relationship, it broke down, it was not gonna work, it was a long distance relationship, not geographically, just in terms of our expectations.

"She wanted kids now whereas I wanted to escape. I'm not good with kids."  — BANG

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