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Former Roommates Jamie Dornan And Eddie Redmayne Bonded Over Pottery When They Were Struggling Actors In LA

Jamie Dornan and Eddie Redmayne picked up a new hobby when they weren't auditioning in the early days of their career.

Former Roommates Jamie Dornan And Eddie Redmayne Bonded Over Pottery When They Were Struggling Actors In LA

Jamie Dornan and Eddie Redmayne made crockery together.

The two actors lived together in the early days of their career and admitted it was a "depressing" period because they and their friends were often up against one another for the same parts and they had few ways to pass the time.

However, on one occasion, the pair got crafty and Eddie, 39, even still owns the pots and plates they made that day.

In a conversation for Variety's 'Actors on Actors' series, Jamie, 38, said: "Okay, we weren’t working at all. We’re going up for a lot of stuff in L.A., a lot of the same stuff sometimes, which was depressing.

"I think we lived together for about three months. And there was so little to do — if we didn’t have an audition. The reason I remember it was one day we went to a Pottery Barn or something, and …"

Eddie interrupted: "I’ve still got it."

Jamie continued: "We made some crockery. We made plates and clay pots, and I remember we wrote the names of all these actors who were our gang. Everyone has done pretty good. You’ve got an Academy Award. I mean, it’s kind of insane."

Eddie added: "I’m slightly embarrassed you’re putting that out into the public arena, given I used to tell my parents that I was going to L.A. in January to endlessly slave away to try to get work.

"You and Andrew Garfield and I were texting, trying to remember what those things were. And one of them was BioShock [a video game-based movie which was never made]. You remember BioShock? We were furious with each other as we were going through it, and competing for the same role."

Elsewhere in the chat, the Theory of Everything actor recalled how Jamie was much better off financially than he was because of his modelling background, and the differences showed in their choice of vehicle.

Eddie said: "From the second you arrived in L.A., you went hardcore on rental. You’d come with a bit of modelling money.

"You were driving around in some swanky thing, where I would go to the rental car that you had to take a bus for about three hours from the airport to get this little, red sort of tiny little thing."

And the former roomies recalled Eddie's embarrassment when he needed to collect his vehicle in front of some "cool people" at an Oscars party.

Eddie said: "And then one year we got invited to some Oscars watching party, and everyone turned up with their valet, but I turned up in my little red car."

Jamie continued: "You were trying to be very tactical when you left, because we were talking to quite cool people, and you didn’t want them to see what car you had. And you were like, 'No, I actually think I forgot something. I’m going to stick around.' And I was like, 'No, Eddie, front up! Get your car.' ”

Watch Eddie and Jamie's conversation here:


Photos: TPG News/Click Photos

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